Kate Stout Ancestors

My mother is Anne Shields, born in Pittsfield, MA in 1935. Her parents were Mary Fenwick b. 1915 in Pittsfield, MA, and Edward Shields b. 1905 in Lenox, MA. The family is mostly Irish, with an English and French Canadian line mixed in.
These documents describe the family origins. Some of these documents are a bit old, contact me for more recent info. Go to to see her Stout tree

Shields & Fenwick (maternal line)


Planned: Kirby Connections

Stout & Woodson (paternal line)

Planned: Descendants of Job Stout of WV

Geoff Arnold Ancestors

My partner, Geoff Arnold, has some interesting ancestors. Go to to see his Arnold family tree

Rainbows & Dawsons(maternal line)

The Rainbows and Dawsons have English origins.  

Geoff’s mother, Lorna Arnold, wrote about her  fascinating life, including serving as a British Nuclear Historian. Her memoir My Short Century is available on Amazon.

Planned: Rainbow & Dawson

Arnolds & Denigs (paternal line)

Geoff’s American side came from England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland. 

One ancestors John Steele of Scotland, was an early educator in the Mechanics’ Institute movement. He helped establish schools for men working in mills and factories in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and New York City in the 1820s and 30s. I’ve recently finished a book about him, John Steele & Family.

Planned: Kate Denig Ancestors